Life is Colorful =)


Spring Break =D

Finished most of the midterms last week, one left after the break. Spent the last two days doing nothing, don’t like doing noting but had to relax from the last two exhausting weeks! Lets hope to go out today with my friends whom I really miss a lot.

iPad <3

Oh, I just love it, can’t wait to get one. Ordered one, so lets just hope it gets here in one piece. People in the US will get their hands on it today, will see what will they say about it.

Some of the apps for the iPad:

  • iBooks: its a book reader for the iPad, it makes you feel like really reading a book and yah you can buy books from within the app, unfortunately its for the US for now.
  • Brushes: One of the best drawing apps on the iPhone now you can find it on the iPad.

  • Flight Control HD: Loved this game on the iPhone, can’t wait to try this version on the iPad.

  • Plants vs. Zombies: This game is AMAZING xD

RSS reader!

Have used a lot of apps on the iPhone that can sync with Google Reader, they were ok, but few weeks ago found this app “MobileRSS” its a free one. Its so fast in syncing and it has a great UI, you will love reading from it.

Download from iTunes

Found it xD

Lost my waterproof cam last september, looked for it everywhere, thought someone stole it from the car. Two weeks ago received a photo from my friend, he was showing me the cam, he found it in his uncle jetski,i just LOVE that cam and I don’t want to lose it again.

Lady Antebellum!

Been listing to this song over and over again since yesterday

Perfect Day by Lady Antebellum


I miss photography a lot </3


One response

  1. I’m glad you found your cam ^^
    and that’s a lovely shot in the water <3
    I'm excited about the iPad too =D
    yalla, i'll be waiting for your review since you ordered it ..
    ow, and I miss your photographs too =)
    enjoY your break ;D

    07/04/2010 at 4:04 AM

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