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Cruising Around Abu Dhabi Island

It was a lazy morning, been up at 5 AM and stayed in bed, since I didn’t have anything to do till 3 PM, which was the time we were planning to go out to the sea. It was 9:45 AM when Mohamed called, I thought he wanted to confirm that we are going out to the sea that day, but he actually asked if I can go with him to Marina Mall, he wanted to get something for his friend. When we were done with Marina Mall and we were going back, Mohamed said why don’t we go jetskiing right now ? Then he checked an App on his iPhone to get information about the tides for that day, he told me that highest sea level will be at 3 PM. I said ok, perfect, lets get ready.

I changed, got my stuff, a waterproof camera, my phone and for sure  sunglasses. Checked my jetski if it was working. Hooked it with car and off to Mohamed’s place. Picked him up and went to Khalifa City to get his jetski from his friend.

We were ready now to hit the sea! The sun was HOT! but the water was kinda cold <3

Before, we always went to Saadyat Beach, its a nice place to relax and swim. This time we didn’t want to swim! So we just started cruising around the islands, and since the sea level was high this time, we were able to go to some really amazing places, fishes were swimming and jumping all over the place, it was something amazing <3

Now will keep you with those pictures. The video and the pictures were taken by the iPhone, some of the pictures were taken by the Canon D10



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  1. Omg amaaaaZing walla <3

    01/05/2010 at 4:38 PM

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