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iPhone Apps

Its been a while since the last post and I really miss this place. I know I didn’t complete our trip post, I don’t think I will acutely, but I might post the remaining photos.

So to get the blog back to life, decided to share some of the Apps for the iPhone. Also might start featuring some of my favorite photographers once in a while.

Let’s start with Dropbox. Mostly been using this one to sync my university files between my laptops. Since they made an app for the iPhone, I can access all my university files that are in the Dropbox file from my phone. Am telling you, it helped me in a lot of situations!


This one is for those who want to write on the go. It’s a simple app, you write and it sync with a file on Dropbox which can be accessed on your computer. It is PlainText.

Now with a photo sharing app. Instagram. A new way to update people who are following you on the app with photos. It’s simple and fun. My Instagram user name: 3bdulla

Panoramas on the iPhone! One of the best app that I have seen to produce panorama pictures. Its AutoStitch.

VLC, who haven’t heard about it on the Mac/PC ? and now you can have on an iOS device.

Finally, an app for those football enthusiasts out there. My Football Pro 2.

That would be it! See you in another post.


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